At a minimum, our parent animals are radiologically examined and approved for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and shoulder dysplasia.

Also, the echocardiogram of both their hearts should be excellent before coverage.

We adhere to the strict breeding guidelines of the Belgian Great Dane Club.

Our puppies are only sold as a full family member and not as pure work, show, breeding or showpiece.

All the puppies are raised in the house and we lay the foundations of socialization, education and hygiene.

Before departure, they receive their first vaccinations, are microchipped and receive a European passport and pedigree of St. Hubertus (FCI recognized).

The puppies are sold with a sales agreement with health guarantee and 21% VAT.

We don't have a litter every year and sometimes waiting for a van Hoght puppy can take a long time.

When everything is optimal, our prospect is to have a litter with our Sjarlot and our Rojee in 2022-2023 at the earliest.

We ask everyone who is interested in a puppy from us to first complete an extensive questionnaire.

Then we may invite you for a visit /videocall to get to know us and our Dogs.

(Subject to/adapted to COVID-19 guidelines)

Only then do we and you decide whether it is a good idea to possibly be added to our waiting list (reservation).

If you want to be kept informed about future litters and information, you can already fill in the questionnaire, you can ask these by email. (